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The News!

3rd Dec 10:04 AM, 2022


Final Exams!


23rd Sep 7:06 PM, 2022


New updates + SUPER COOL COLLAB~~

So...I know i've missed a couple updates...! The truth is i've been feeling a bit sick and was also really busy with college and some recent life events. But anyways, this is one of the surprises i've been talking about! AND it's not JUST a collab, it will make sense in a couple episodes later as well...hehehe! 

So...stay tuned!!!

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14th Jun 10:24 AM, 2022


I'm back~~

It's been a while!! haha!

I've been extremely busy with work and yeah...
Also i guess i forgot i was updating my comic here!! (How could I...?) hahaha
So! I'll keep updating from now on! I'm only available to update each 4th of the month! So keep an eye for this date!!
I've read all of the comments and it's been lovely so far, i feel really grateful for you all~ It's given me strength and motivation to keep working on this hobby of mine and share wonderful stories with the world~~

Thank you so much for the support and i hope i made someone else's day brighter!

And's a Meet the Artist, because..why not?

Also, if you haven't already, and want to see more art follow me on Twitter!


8th Nov 7:03 PM, 2019


Finished Miraclewish Map!

Miraclewish Map


About the Comic

Angiris is a 13 year-old girl from Cloveridge City. One day, on her way home from school a strange looking creature kidnapped her and took her to another dimension. A curse was set upon Miraclewish a long time ago. And Angiris was told to be 'the chosen' and that she had to find the way to break the curse to free the people living in there.

-"We all used to be humans here... but they just don't remember it." - Bjorn

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